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Protimeter Balemaster GRN6165 hand held straw and hay moisture meter (Latest Model)

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Stand-alone baled hay & straw moisture meter c/w 600mm long moisture probe

The Protimeter Balemaster GRN6165 is the latest model replacing the the GRN6150.

This new model consists of a hand-held unit that displays a numeric reading of the bale being tested along with a colour display ranging from green to red. The 600mm long stainless steel probe is attached by wire enabling  you to push the probe into the bale with one hand and allowing you to read the measurement displayed on the unit in the other hand.
The handset has an "on" button and automatically switches "off" after one minute of inactivity. (the time delay can be altered to suit your own requirements, full instructions are provided).

Product information:
  • Handset dimensions:- 19 x 6.5 x 3.5cm, weight inc battery 187grammes
  • 600 mm probe (weight 487 grammes)
  • 9v battery supplied
  • Nylon carry case with belt loop 
  • Instruction booklet
  • Moisture measurement range 8.5 -36.8%
  • Wrist band

The testers are calibrated at manufacture to wheat straw,nominal measurement 8.5% - 36.8% MC 
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