Our Just Cause

Businesses which thrive are the ones that deliver unbeatable customer service, have a strong focus and are not afraid of change. In fact, they even encourage this with their staff. Businesses which merely survive, try to protect themselves with an outdated business model, without realising their practices often cause obstacles to the customer. Their staff are aware of it, but often feel their voice won’t be heard if they raise their views.

Our philosophy is that as a business we should be challenged daily to constantly improve our practices. The smallest of details soon add up and deliver great service to our customers. When we receive an order online or by phone it shows a great deal of trust that a customer has placed in us to deliver their order and carry out their instructions.

Being the biggest or the best is not what we set out to do.  We wanted to empower customers to be confident in purchasing a new piece of equipment or parts, enabling them to repair and maintain their own machinery; to be there to give technical advice and support when needed, putting their requirements first.

The way you, as a customer, interact with our business has shaped the way we operate. It was a distance buyer who wanted to purchase a part from us in 2013 that made us reassess  our business, sharpen our focus and realise that the shift to online shopping was going to change retailing in agriculture as customers buying habits were changing here as well as on the high street; they were choosing the path of least resistance. At the time, this type of business model was not what was normally associated with the Agricultural Industry but sometimes in life you feel compelled to follow a different path.

We continue to evolve.  We will keep our heads down, quietly get on with job, putting the needs of our customers first.